Our Story
a soldier saluting

SKYBRIDGE USA was founded in 2021 as a small business federal defense contractor with a mission to provide key support to the U.S. Armed Forces and their allies. We are proud to support our nation’s military with the physical and human capital needed to achieve mission-critical goals with combat and non-combat services and equipment in times of both peace and crisis.

SKYBRIDGE USA has developed relationships with key industry-leading suppliers in strategic locations throughout the country to ensure that all products and equipment supplied to our DLA partners is made in the USA. From military vehicles to aviation parts and components, food services, transportation, special operations equipment, or logistics support, we are there with our supply chain partners to quickly and accurately meet all the Defense Logistics Agency’s needs.

“In the armed forces, we believe” was founded on our mission to always be there for our U.S. Military with the expertise, tools, and resources to support their mission-critical operations no matter what.


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